👻 Halloween Contest! 🎃

Halloween is here! :ghost:

Announcing our first contest, a Halloween themed one!

To participate in this contest, you will have to make an app with Makeroid which has the essence of Halloween in it.

Who can participate?

Any Makeroid’er is free to participate!

You have to fill this form with your data and your app:

What must the app be about?

Let your imagination run wild! It can be a game, a tools app, one about a website, or one on Halloween.
The only requirement is that it must be done with Makeroid!

The app which best resonates with the theme will most likely win.
(It is not mandatory to use a Halloween topic)

Why do I have to submit the .AIA?

It won’t be published, but we need to confirm that it’s compatible with Makeroid

When is the due date?

The last date to submit your apps is 14th November, at 23:30 UCT. We will not accept more entries after the due.
The winner will be announced on the 21st of November

What is the prize?

The winner of the contest will have their app featured on the home page of Makeroid, thereby being the face of the platform.

Makeroid team


Quick question, why do you need to confirm whether the app is comparible with Makeroid, when you can already use Admin tab on builder? Also, please revert this new Community update as it looks horrible on my Macbook and even worse on my phone.

Please be patient. @Diego is working on it. Give him some time

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I think it’s fixed now

Check the issue if you want:

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Issue is solved, thank you!

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Hi, the app can be also published on Google Play Store, in the community category, or in my website? Or it must be secret for the contest? (I won’t publish the source code unless the contest will be ended)

Yes, you can publish the app or if you already have it published that is okay.

You don’t have to publish your source code. Only if you want. We only need to look at the code to see which components you use and how original it is.

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We require your source code to check the features you used in your app, because using exclusive Makeroid components or functions gives you extra points

But it won’t be published from us. You can publish it yourself if you want
We will only share the .APK

There is admin tab, you can check project in read only mode…

We know, but in our ToS we have said that we will only access to users’ projects in case of support requirement or legal problems like breaking any point of our ToS (ie. stuff releated with ilegal things)
Contest is not contemplated as a way to access users’ project

That’s why we require users to submit manually their AIA


I’m making a game, after finishing the contest, winning or losing, can I post to the play store?

Yeah, of course!
The app doesn’t have go be done only for the contest

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Can I submit updates for the app after I send you the form?

Yeah, of course! :+1:

I mean, when I send you the APK in the form, but I find a bug or a problem, how can I send you the aia/app? Is it possible also when the contest will be finished?
Obviously, I can’t finish all the functions of the app, so I send you a partial app (but functional)

Just resubmit the form

If the app is the winner, we would like to have a bugs free one, so you can just contact us to update it

No problem :+1:

The due date is near :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, thanks to all participants for sending their apps
We will start testing them this week :+1:


And the winner is…

Maicol (@maicol07) with his game Spooky Catch!

Catch the frightening creatures and defeat the boss! Halloween is the best time for a monstrous revolution… Fermal and save the world!

A group of monsters are attacking your city, with the intention of carrying out a world revolution!
A courageous man will try to face them, defeat them, find out who lies behind this evil plan and save the world! Will you be enough powerful to beat them?

SpookyCatch.apk (3.9 MB)

As Appetize free plan doesn’t have too much minutes, we finally decided to take screenshots of the apps and display them in a mock :sweat: