Hand Washing Timer App

If you’re supposed to wet and put soap on your hands before pressing the Start Button your phone will get wet.

Maybe someone can make it voice activated instead of pressing a button.

nope, the making wet and the putting soap part is inside the time for washing, as I know. So user will press Start and then he will start making wet.

But, however, A very good idea to make it with voice activating. :thinking: :muscle:


Oh ok. I thought the timer starts as soon as you click the Start button.

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Yes, that’s right, but that is also the point!

I think the recommended 20-60 seconds also include the “wetting” and “put-on-the-soap” part of washing hands, so, the timer will start, he makes everything and after 20 (30, 60) secs, the timer rings.

That’s how I understood.


I’ve done few things people mentioned here using the .AIA by @catoweisberg

  • Reworked UI.
  • Added phase for animation
  • Removed canvas and resized some labels.
  • Disabled clicking on bottom navigation during hand washing is in progress, and other fixes.
    (Rewards is temporarily unavailable in this version)
    Here are some screenshots and test apk.

hand_washing.apk (4.9 MB)

I’ll also provide the .AIA after I fixed the rewards system


Thank you for your new version

Must be written as “Phase” (notice the capital P), along with the link to the extension’s original post. :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyways, glad that you’re using it.


Thanks for your feedback @David!

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I’ll try to implement voice activation in a future update.

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After a bit of work I have added the voice activation feature requested by @deanart2012 and @Yoshi along with a few minor UI improvements in a new version of the app. Here is the new AIA and APK:
hand_washing (4).aia (43.7 KB)
hand_washing (10).apk (5.0 MB)
And here are a couple screenshots of the new feature:

The update will be available on the Play Store within the next few days. Feedback is welcome!


Looks great, can’t wait to try it out.

If you’re uploading this to Google Play then you might want to consider deleting the aia in case it gets cloned. This is especially true if you are monetising it.

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I’m not planning on monetizing it. It’s just something I enjoy doing in my spare time! :grin:


That’s alright then. It’s just you can guarantee a few users will make some small changes to it and placing ads then uploading to Play Store.

Please add a license, to prevent

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Alright @Mateja , future versions will be licensed through Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International, meaning among other things that you can share it for non-comercial use but must give attribution.


wow :heart_eyes: