Happy Christmas To All Koders

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  • Who Can Celebrate Christmas
  • Who Can Not Celebrate Christmas

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Happy Christmas To All Of Koders Please Write Down Your Wishes In Post
My Wish Is To Become An Indian Singer


(Daniel) #2

Got a popcorn to my hands and waited when the first Christmas topic will appear… You won the race :smile:


:christmas_tree: Merry Christmas :snowman: to you and happy :kodular: Koding for :gift: Christmas and the :fireworks: New Year!

P.S My wish is getting a new phone!

(Harsh Pratap Singh) #3

ohhhh and how could u hide ur wish like blur

(Daniel) #4

Click on the hear icon on the upper right of the editing toolbar, then click “blur spoiler”.

(Daniel) #6

Open it in desktop mode, seems it’s hidden in mobile mode.

(Nathan) #7

Thanks but, I don’t celebrate.

(Harsh Pratap Singh) #8

but why you not celebrate

(Nathan) #9

Just reasons that aren’t to be talked about on here.

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