Happy Christmas To All Koders

  • Who Can Celebrate Christmas
  • Who Can Not Celebrate Christmas

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Happy Christmas To All Of Koders Please Write Down Your Wishes In Post
My Wish Is To Become An Indian Singer


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Got a popcorn to my hands and waited when the first Christmas topic will appear… You won the race :smile:


:christmas_tree: Merry Christmas :snowman: to you and happy :kodular: Koding for :gift: Christmas and the :fireworks: New Year!

P.S My wish is getting a new phone!

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ohhhh and how could u hide ur wish like blur

Click on the hear icon on the upper right of the editing toolbar, then click “blur spoiler”.

Open it in desktop mode, seems it’s hidden in mobile mode.

Thanks but, I don’t celebrate.

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but why you not celebrate

Just reasons that aren’t to be talked about on here.

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