Has anyone done translations for apps and app user manuals?

We’re developing an app that’s supposed to launch in several non-English-speaking countries. To make sure it’s accessible, we need to translate the app itself (not the hardest task) but also the user manuals into different languages. Has anyone here used a translation service that can handle technical translations accurately, as well as all the legal stuff? I’d appreciate some recommendations.

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I’ve done some app translations before. It can be a pretty interesting gig! For user manuals, I think it’s important to keep things clear and easy to understand, especially since tech jargon can get confusing.
I’d recommend checking out https://apostillelondon.com/document-legalisation/ for document legalization if you need it. They’ve got a good reputation and can help you get everything sorted easily.
As for the actual translations, it depends on the app and its audience. Sometimes, you have to get creative to capture the essence of the original text while making it sound natural in the new language. If you’re thinking about giving it a go, I’d say give it a shot!