Have a good 2020 (former) Appybuilder coders

Wishing all the (former) Appybuilder coders a good 2020, with the migration of your apps to Kodular.
Good luck Hossein Amerkashi with all the work behind the scenes, to get the job done. I am ready for it.


I came from Appybuilder early and completely rebuilt my app from the ground up (not going to affect my play store listing as we aren’t using the play store for updates anymore). I’m glad I did because the 2.0 version will be a big improvement over the last one.

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I came from appy builder too, and I am not happy.

  • I can not immigrate the apps which I made on AB. I have to remake all of them which is impossible because they are very complicated. And Boban means, that activity class names are different. It means I lost a lot of my works! Thanks a lot.

  • I have a problem with permission (fine location…) I have no idea how to resolve it without rewrite the manifest.

  • If I want to ask in the community, I am limited! I can not reply/ask more then 1 (once!) and can not edit my post. Hey guys, I have problems and you dont let me ask questions?

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