Have you updated your app with Kodular new released version 1.4C.2

have anyone of koders updated their apps with koular’s new release
if yes then what problems have you faced or it worked perfectly for you ?
Here i am opening a poll so that All of the koders can get info from those who updated their apps successfully and from those who faced problems in updating their apps and failed due to some reason and what was the reason of their problem

  • have you updated your app with new release
  • updated successfully?
  • faced problems but updated after that
  • unable to update
  • Not tried yet

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If you are done successfully then please share your browser name and which issues u faced or not faced at all

Its the original reason of this pool share what you have experienced
now here provide a reason why u think that its happening its due to your brwoser or due to some other resons (in some posts i saw some specific browsers are showing these issues and some are not so may be after clearing cashe etc it may have get solved so share )
if you have overcome any of your problem then feel free to share your methodology

Its all about

Crisis on infinite Earths :sweat_smile:


Using the new Microsoft Edge on Windows I have experienced few issues.

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Today, i updated one of my app on play store without any problems from my phone through chrome browser.

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