Haven’t received payment yet

Hello @Diego , I haven’t received payment to my account until now. The payment has not reached my bank yet

Mr @Diego_Simeone @Diego I have received email about my December payment “Action Required: Your payment is being held”.
I have provided all required information on the provided link in the email but still i have not received my payment and also it is not showing in Kodular recent payments section. But in Balances and transactions page you can see i have withdraw my payment but payment not received.
Please resolve the issues regarding payment on urgent basis.

Waiting for your reply

Thank you

Today is 28th Feb but I have not received the payment yet please give me any information regarding this.

payment still not received @Diego help me

@Diego help me payment not received in my bank

Dear Kodular Staff! @diego

can you please check with your bank? funds you sent this month is not successful received.

I have checked with my bank they are saying no transaction we found to process.

seems this issue from the your bank side.

help me payment not received in my bank account

Be patient! If anything not goes wrong from the Kodular then you need to wait 5-7 business day. Is that your first time?

It’s my first time and it’s been like a month But payment not received