Having issue downloading files from community

Hello developers of @KodularCreator . We are having problem downloading files from community. Whenever we try to download anything it shows

Please have a look.


Yes i also find this

There was once a similar issue in the community and we were asked to re-upload files. Maybe that works again!

Same here.

I think it’s bug.

for me everything working fine, there was an update/modification to community it might be temporary issue

Also For me everything working Fine.

Also for me is working ok :slightly_smiling_face:

Its still not working try to download the extension from here

Hm yes I’m getting the same error

re-upload the files, community makes a backup daily, it might be something wrong due to it but remember uploading will fix the issue probably

still have the same problem with a lof of extensions

ask the developer to upload their extension again in the respective topic where you faced this issue