Having runtime error

Hello, Please Help
I am having runtime error showing "failed to allocate a ---- byte allocation with ----- free bytes and ---- Kb until OOM

Did you search the community ? Usually this is caused by images used in the app. How many, how large etc

See here Using Images with App Inventor , might help you

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This error occurs when you or your app users try to load/show high resolution images.

Note that image size doesn’t matter, resolution matters.

High resolution images requires more RAM and when your app doesn’t get enough memory then this error occurs.

So, dont use high resolution images.

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Hello! I get this runtime error on only one device. Does the device’s inefficient RAM cause this issue?

yes, see also tip 1 and 2 here


I get this error on only one device, so I don’t think it’s necessary to reduce the resolutions. Thanks for your reply, @Taifun :pray:t2:

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images - 2020-09-02T023425.767

I’ve tried my app on about twenty different devices and got the error on just one device. So, I told that I think it’s not necessary to reduce the resolutions. That wasn’t an arguement at all… You’re so weird…

if i had Posted that.

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