Having trouble using the radio button

I am having trouble using the radio button.

If I press a “checked” radio button, how can I change it to “not checked”.

For example, I have 4 radio buttons, if I press one of them,
case 1: If the radio button is changed to “checked”, other radio buttons will be changed to “not checked”
case 2: If the radio button was originally “checked”, all radio buttons will be changed to “not checked”

Please help, thanks.

Because you can select only one button at a time you can’t do multi select at a time in radio button

Sorry, maybe I didn’t express it clearly.

I hope that when I press the same radio button, the first press becomes “checked”, and the second press becomes “un-checked”.

Show your relevant block please


First put a the radio button in a list

Then When any radio button is clicked
1.Set clicked omponent checked true

  1. For each item in global check box
    Set checked component (item) false

i see. thank a lot.