Having trouble with extension limit

iv been using 5 extensions in the app im working on, after the update i didnt have any trouble
compiling, but today i removed a extension and replace it with a new one to keep my extension count to 5, and i got a message to upgrade when i try to compile?? im still using 5. so i removed the 5th one and now im getting this error when i try to open the project in companion

When you removes an extension then you have to refresh the kodular creator before connecting the companion. Refresh the website and connect the companion again.

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thanks. that worked. any idea why i cant use 5 extensions now, thought the limit was more than 5

As a free user you can only have 5 extensions per project. Upgrade to Premium for unlimited projects, extensions per project, and more than 5 MB assets per project, as well as monetisation options.

yeah as i have said before i have been using 5 extensions and it worked perfectly, but replaced the 5th one and now i cant compile, im getting the upgrade message although its still 5

If possible can you share us the error message ? if not, this is seems to be new bug… Once we have 5 extension then we couldnt update any extension it seems…

Sometimes extensions can conflict with one another. The new one you added may be incompatible with one already there.

If you want, you can state which extensions you use and someone who knows about them may be able to suggest something.

after clearing the companion error and quitting kodular are re importing the the extension worked, now with 5 extentions and can compile. I just needed to refresh kodular :smiley: thank you everyone involved

I’m glad your problem has been solved.

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