Having trouble with Firebase Authentication

Hello Everyone,
I am facing a lot of trouble building my new app Ureka!

I added Firebase Authentication to my app. After that, every time I export my .apk file, it shows:

And I am unable to fix this. I tried every single instructions those are on Kodular Community or YouTube to fix this.

  1. I checked the Package Name. That is same with Firebase Console.

  2. I checked the spelling or made sure that I uploaded the “google.services.json” to Assets Folder.

Someone please help me to fix this.

First, the title doesn’t match the query content at all

Second, see this solution suggested by @Boban


Sorry, I’ve changed the title.
And thanks for help. I think It’ll work.


If the @Vaibhav response
has resolved your doubt, you can mark his post as resolved.

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