Headache About Admob!

I really hate Earning Apps
I open the community because to see updates and issues ! And also to post issues
I open community like a hour difference every time.

Everytime when I open I always see ! Admob issue discuss :joy:

Why they are dying for admob
Just make donation button ! Like paypal ! If they really like… user will donate you…!
Stop posting abt Admob
Seriously Dude ! :scream::grimacing:


we live in a time where nobody will make a donation. If you have 100 000 user, i can tell you maybe 200 or 300 will give you a donation. if you have a app with real usecase what people like to use, make the app to buy. if you have 100 000 user or more and you app costs 99 cents? WHat you get is 100 times more as you get with ads.

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Why there is more discuss abt ads
Every where
Evrytime same question
Ads not shown
Why they didnt check there admob account ?

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