Headset buttons

How to detect the reaction to buttons in headphones?

I think there is a extension made by @Taifun for that.

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I need to use play/pause. The connection reaction is already used.

You can become a sponsor of the new feature to the existing Headset Extension, such as play/pause.


I will gladly do it, if @Taifun would like to write these functions.

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For feature requests please contact me by email. To be a sponsor of a new method already is possible starting from only 10 USD! With your contribution you will help the complete App Inventor community. Thank you.


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a few weeks ago I already looked into adding a simple headset button click event into my Headset Plug Status Extension

however this seems to be more complex than it looks like… also different Android versions will work differently…

I tried

but both unfortunately did not work on my Android 8 device.

There also is this solution

and probably one day I will take some time to try that…
However I can’t promise, that I will be able to provide a working solution



News about this?

up to now I could not convince myself to waste time looking into this feature again… :wink: