Task and Time managment app

i need a task app. that you can add task with date and time. i need that it will do notification when its need to be done but instead of sound i want it to say the task name. like “taking a shower” i want that double press on the bluetooth connected headset button will make it to read again. i want that long press on same button will say the task name and set as done and say the next task like “taking a shower is done. next task is brush teeth” i want to be able to record audio to replace to automatic text to speech. more over i need to be able to set sub tasks inside of task as it sets the task as folder. when task with sub task come it will say only once the major task name and the continue to the sub-tasks. when all the sub tasks are finished it’s says that the major task is done.
i need that every task will have “didn’t do” button that keep record of didn’t done task. mark it has not done and continue to the next task
i want it to have tasks repeating by every weeks, days, months, years, and on every some day/s on the week
if i dont specify time or sometimes date when creating tasks. i could insert it before or after specific task. it can be immediately after or fixed time after as well as before
i want that if some task are repeatedly didn’t done. their text turn red. and after sometime font size will increase and finally it also will do alarm clock
i want to have reward system. to have monthly look and see each day as green, yellow and red. by the amount task i didn’t do. every green and some yellow will collect points which i can spend on things i set up a head of time. like buy myself something of course with real money. the points is only for non guilt system
i also want to have a free time button that will appear when i didn’t set up any task to that moment and it will show me every task i set to “when i will have time”
i also want it to estimate what time of what task is going to be based on past records. like shower 25 min average so it will be done at…


i don’t have specific budget but it ofcourse not below to couple hundrents dollars
i am very flexible on the price
so just tell me what you expect

I didnt say that i will make one :sweat_smile: I did just ask so if someone is interested, he could know price he would be paid

yea i didn’t typed it especially for you. i more answer it broadly

Very interesting your design of the project.
Will tasks lists be shared?

Ya really interesting,… but can I know @Rogerio_Rios If this is possible in kodular :

I think @Taifun was planing to make such extension…
Is there any news about that???

someone needs to write a headset extension, which includes a button click event…
I looked into this in 2019 but did NOT include it into my Headset Plug Status extension…
why? see here

I abandonned that project…


I looked at the project as a whole, not the details.:+1:
We need to know if the details (like the one mentioned above) are really necessary for the project.:+1:

what you mean by shared tasks
for now i was thinking to make it for myself if that what you meant

i already have separate app that includes headset button trigger
to change the default of what it’s do (single press, double, long)
so we can make a app for each case
app to be open when i press double and app for long
when this apps opened they will do their jobs and then close themselfs

the app is in the play store and called button mapper

But man, still its not possible in kodular to interect with button clicks of headphone… as taifun said that still there is no extension made for button click interaction in kodular…

This app must be build in android studio. And how can this app be used to work with kodular app?.. No possibility…

okh, @Taifun Let me try If I can built that extension,… Can Someone please help me out get Started…

my solution to this problem is 3 apps of kodular

  1. is the main app
  2. that execute the reading of the current task then be closed
  3. that execute the reading of the current task and complete it and then reading the next task then be closed
    we use firebase to sync them all up
    and the button mapper app from google play store that sets the headset button double tap to open app 2
    and long press to open app 3

Okh, I am interested in you project (strongly :sweat_smile: ), You can lock me up…

Edit : Okh, Thanks for choosing me for this project, I strongly hopes that we will end up with successful results…

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Interesting application specification. I´ve developed a simpler app with Kodular, a typical task manager, based on GTD mode. It’s called “Minhas Tarefas”, it’s on Google Play. Sorry, it is only in Portuguese. It has part of the features you propose. My doubt is about the value of the extra resources you establish. Without a doubt, your proposal is good material for discussion.

I forgot to show app Minhas Tarefas link at Google Play. Here we go:


No problem. Thanks