Height issues with Plyr extension

I m having issues with the heigh of the player…I created plyr dynamically and in a card view I put a HorizontalArrangement and in that I have initialised plyr. Have set Cardview height=-1 and HA height=-2 but the plyr is just a rectangle with no height and now if I fix a height percent for card view like 30% then every video doesn;t fit that size. All I want is that the height of the card view automatically adjusts to the height of video and so does the plyr. How can I achieve it? Plz plz help!

Below is the part of schema I m using:-

					"id": "IDCARDVIEW2_{ID}",
					"type": "CardView",
					"properties": {
						"Width": -2,
						"HeightPercent": 30,
						"Elevation": 0,
						"Padding": [0, 0, 0, 0],
						"CornerRadius": 20
					"components": [{
						"id": "IDHA4_{ID}",
						"type": "HorizontalArrangement",
						"properties": {
							"Width": -2,
							"Height": -2,
							"Elevation": 0