Hello All - Newbie here!

Hi everyone, I’m starting out with Kodular but have been seen lots of tutorials and code snippets in YouTube. Especifically I’m interested in designing a Login / Signup registration screen with the option to Sign Up with both Google / Facebook , aside of course of the regular e-mail and password sign-up. I have not been able to find a good tut or anything related to signing-up with these two components, all I find is Google Sign-up with Firebase but nothing about Facebook. I’d love to see someone post a tutorial on how to accompllish this for a login screen, using Google and Facebook as options to Sign-Up. Thanks again for your time and I’d be waiting on someone to help out!!

For Facebook login you can check out these

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Thanks ! although I’m looking for more of a complete sign in system, involving passwrord reset, log in / Sign up pages, and have both options ( Google, Facebook) as well. I guess it’s a beginning and I can look at these posts to see if there’s something that let me add Facebook to the loop in other tuts that i’ve found a complete Log in system with Google and Firebase. Thanks a lot!!

Welcome to the community. You could use :mag: and find many examples in the community. For example

Search sign in / login

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