Facebook Firebase Authentication

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Myself Nikhil, and i’m back with new tutorial…
In this tutorial, i’m gonna tell you that how to implement Facebook Login Method in your koded app…
So before starting project, thanks to…

Special Thanks to

@Taifun and @mirxtrem_apps for building such a great extension that was really helpful in project…
@shivani - For being beta test user in this project and helping me out in managing new device for every new login…

Extension Used

So first of all lets have look on the extension used in project…
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I’m not the owner of any extension all the credit for extension goes to respected owner
Extensions link -
Facebook Login Extension


So we have to focus on two website documentation so lets cover one by one…


  • First of all visit https://developers.facebook.com/ and add your app after creating account there…
  • After adding app you will get App ID,App Secret and Client ID.
  • So First of all App ID and Client ID is used in Facebook Login Extension


  • Create project in Firebase.
  • Add your app in Firebase project… and then you’ll get a file named google-service.json just upload that file to your app assets…
  • Copy your project api key and paste it to Firebase Auth extension…
  • Now move to Authentication->Sign-in Method and select Facebook…
  • There you have to Fill App id and App Secret and you’ll also get an auth url which you have to paste in Facebook documentation as told before…

Now all the documentation ends… Now lets move to block part


Screen 1

Screen 2

There are two block of FacebookLogin.AfterConfirmLogin. You’ll understand both by below provided picture…

Screen 4


FbTrying.aia (102.1 KB)


Uploading: FbTrying.apk…

Tips and Notes

  • In Screen2, When authentication is checked you’ll get a token which is mainly used for Firebase Auth. Firebase auth is done in Screen4
  • In Screen4, After authentication you’ll get a local id which is unique and can be used to create bucket in database for every new users.
  • In this project, I have mainly focused on url reading and timing of checking Authentication of Facebook Login
  • If you want High quality image of profile picture then increase value of height and with in below block in Screen4

May be its bug

In Firebase Auth Extension
So in Screen4, In Block FirebaseAuth.OAuthCredentialData We get a new token, but when i use that token to delete any account then account got deleted but if we use to get info using that token then it not works…

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Hope i have tried to explain everything in detail…
And Thank for all your love and support… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:


Procedure is Very lengthy and looks complex for just login event.

In my opinion Google login with firebase authentication is simple and quick.

By the way, nice tutorial.


i don’t think its lenghty but its bit complex

Btw Thank you very much… :relaxed:

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Even doing all these procedures, mine is stuck in “successfully logged in” and does not go to another screen, you know why?

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There is firebase authenticetion in kodular
Do we need to download extension?

Currently the Firebase Authentication component does not support Facebook login, so the answer is yes, you will need to download the extension

i download this

Friend, I am not receiving the data of the facebook account that I use to log in.
I am using the AfterConfirmLogin block. What I can be doing wrong?

Hello Guys…

Someone can help me please.

I have try do to login with Facebook like here but when i try to make a login i get a response: “invalid_idp_response : unsuccessful debug_token response from Facebook {“error”:{“message”:”(#100) you must provide an app access token, or a user access token that is an owner or developer of the app…"

I did like this:



For the configuration i did like in tutorial and i did a lot of tests with changes in configuration, but without successful.