How to setup Microsoft account and Facebook account login screen? Need Help

Dear Kodular Help Team,
I need your help. I’m stuck at my development of an app, I’m developing my app login screen based on Google, Facebook, and Microsoft but I am not able to create login authentication from Microsoft and Facebook like other professional apps like free fire, bing search console app. So, tell me please how can I make setup login screen signup from Microsoft and Facebook account?

Also, if it impossible to make any extension regarding this issue then please make it fast. and if such types of extensions already exist then tell me how to download it and how to use it.

@Mini_world Welcome to the community
Here I want to give you confirmation that you can use facebook login method but still you can’t use Microsoft login
For Facebook Login method refer to the link below thanks

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I set up Facebook login myself but that login process provide me code then I have to put that code to into my browser and then only I can able to login so, this login process is so much annoying to users so, I want that user can login into my app from Facebook in 1 click like google without entering any code.

Hmm, I understand “Block Screen 1” image but
In “Block Screen 2” I have to setup everything like you provide in image and there is error in 2 blocks.
In “Block Screen 3” there are 2 block which is error and from same name 2 block are present “FacebookLogin.AfterConfirmLogin” so what we have do in here, I don’t understand?
In “Block Screen 4” I have to make it separately or not?
Please explain more clearly in every block…

Also please tell me how to setup Microsoft login in from kodular in my app which is made in kodular
I also need to make Microsoft login in my app.

Still no change of Microsoft on kodular and have you set up according to the guide I have provided or you made by yourself

How to setup a Microsoft account Login Screen and what Extension should I need to make Microsoft 1 click login like google tell me, please.