Hello, help button click

Hello, good morning. How do I see how many times a button has been clicked, and this value show in a text box thank you

Use a Variable.

When Button Click
Variable New Value = Last Value + 1.

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What have you tried?
Please don’t say that you haven’t tried anything from yourself.

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Forgot Asking This.

Hi thanks .

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Next Time include This in Your Post -

And if Willing Can You Give Me The Solution Mark.

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Yes, I tried doing so, every time the button was pressed it added 1 +1, but it didn’t work. Then I decided to ask for help. Now I’m having another problem I want when the person leaves the app the data is saved by the airtable more did not work sorry the delay was downloading a program to take print

Not Possible.

Save the Data Then Leave.

And What Kind of Data.

I would do by tiny db local database. more is not saving. Every time I leave the app the value of the tight button returns 0

Then Something Might Be Wrong.

What. More Data.

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