Hello, i want to replace firebase value yes to no and no to yes how can i do

hello i want to change firebase values directly from kodular app so please tell me how to set block for thisCapture

Set firebase project bucket to match_v_five , get tag m_five. When firebase got value if value is “yes” store value “no” else if “no” store “yes” for tag m_five

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Want to change value in all the tag or particular tag only

perticuler tag please tell me

Then you can follow as suggested by @dora_paz … it will work , if you want as image pls wait…

give me screenshot of block i am new in kodular

All you need is here

try this…

Updated, This block will store if the particular tag value is yes, then it will replace the value of what you have entered in the text box

thanks a lot

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thanks a lot i can understand now

I am sorry… Please use this block, This block will work 100% and tested… If you like it, please hit solution…

thanks for helping me

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