Hello Koders anyone of you know how to count all users in db

Anyone know how can i count how many users have in database?

Set project bucket to FreeSkinsUsers/users, get tag list. When got tag list add value in a list and get lenght of list


ok i will try

And , For your learning, it’s best to search :eyes::mag:here in the community… before posting something that already exists​:+1:

is this already exist in comunity?

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see, this is very basic thing in firebase… just follow what dora said , no need to search in coomunity. Just think…

logic is, first get tag list under the bucket of users… now in your hand you are having all the list… So by using length of the list you will get the answer…

i do like this but i get only 1 user

it means just above the get tag list, set firebase project bucket to users

works now now how or where need to add the lenght of list block?

i think you are not reading the posts properly… just see the flow… where did you get the tag list, in that place only you can get the length of the taglist

I wasn’t going to answer but I will:
1-I don’t use Firebase , but most Kodular users do.

2- in consequence, there are many many many topics about Firebase.

3- After this simple explanation, a survey would solve your doubt.


works now. Now have other question for evert of this user have EX points how can i get all this 3 user points in total?

You got it ? and now you want another ready-made solution? Think…read…study


I tryed like before for counting the user but not work for this any solution?

Show us what you Did … Your blocks …

If problem solved mark solution and create a new topic for new question

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