Hello koders, I need help replacing \n with a space


I’m unable to replace \n with a space. I can replace \ and n seperately with a space, but not together. I’ve tried different things and it’s not going well.

Just a guess. Have you checked the HTML property of the label labelman? If yes then uncheck it and then try again.
I am not sure whether it will help or not but it’s just a guess.

I’ve tried it checked and unchecked, and it still doesn’t works. Thanks for the suggestion

Nevermind fixed it

Can you share the solution here?

Fix: Remember in my situation \n was already the given result in the variable. I replaced the \ segment with random letters. Example: acsjf. Which leaves us with acsjfn, then you can replace those letters with anything. Done. This seems unecessary, but it isn’t because replacing \n could not be done.

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