Hello Koders is this Api can be used on kodular

Hello users i have an question.
If this Api can be used in Kodular .

Here is some of Ss that want to use in case if possible to add.

Post a Link to the API for help.
Maybe this can help you a little bit to understand Post and Get.

Here we go


visit here for your solution…

i cant make it do u know how to make it ? i can pay for this

PM me your Details, what do you want from the API I can help you in about 30min

1 i want to get all available items from api into dynamic list,
2 once item get and show users can but them once buyed users get the item in their steam account . item will go to user vai trade link .

Let me know if u use skype or telegram. if use one of this send me your name to add there.