Help about Security and Trust

Hello everyone,
Can any one help fix this error from Google Play console when I tried to publis my app:

**Security and trust


**Cleartext traffic allowed for all domains

**error Error brightness_1 Privacy

**Your app’s Network Security Configuration allows cleartext traffic for all domains. This could allow eavesdroppers to intercept data sent by your app. If that data is sensitive or user-identifiable it could impact the privacy of your users.

**Consider only permitting encrypted traffic by setting the cleartextTrafficPermitted flag to false, or adding an encrypted policy for specific domains.

I’ve also had the issue with clear text traffic. I’m attaching an illustration, what I’ve edited in APK Editor Studio (you can find more details on the forum about how to use it).

Important: before editing your APK file you should download your “keystore” file, and configure the APK Editor with it as “custom keystore” (otherwise your package will be signed with a random keystore, and Google will reject it).