[Help] custom sound of push notification not working

Hello Koders.

             I am making an app with the push notifications component.

Generate push notifications from a VPS with php and MySql through the Onesignal API, I need it to have custom sound, but it does not work, when the phone receives the notification, it does it with the default sound of Android.
The tests I do on a Samsung J7 with Oreo 8.1
I created the Android categories in Onesignal, and send the messages following the API recommendations, but the custom sound does not work.
Has anyone had the same problem?

Is this a Kodular question?

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Yes, the app is make in Kodular, whit the Onesignal Notifications component.

Brainfart, i saw only the above. :crazy_face:

But with me even default sound is not playing. Notifications receives silently.

Maybe we can use when notification received block to play sound?