Help: Error updating the app, it closes

Hello community!
Menses ago that I did not update my kodular app and now it gives an error and I do not understand what the problem may be. The only thing I did was change some icons, texts.
Now the app installs, opens, but after splash it closes directly. I don’t understand what may have happened.
I attach the apk and the project. app mercado42 – Google Drive
I appreciate if someone can guide me in detecting the problem.

please share your blocks


I don’t know why peoples are constantly adding the same kind queries though their solution is globally pinned at very very first post…

Kindly read all the points and try to fill the empty field components…


About Screen Title is empty.


Thanks for your comments.
There I am reading, I had not found that publication.
It was the title of the screen, I already filled it out and now it’s fine.
Thank you!

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