Help fullfilling a spinner depending of the radio button checked


I am having problems with fullfilling a spinner depending on the radio button checked. I have got to group the radio buttons, read the files and filling the list, but always goes on adding the differents lists to the spinner.

I want to check a radio button, empty the list and fill the spiner with the correct list. These are my blocks (I have tried to change the create empty list to diferent positions without result)

Avellanados.aia (1.1 MB)

As per your CSV struture it is hard to set elements in spinner,


but you can use list view like this…

The result:

Many thanks @Still-learning , tour solution is perfect :clap:

About the csv structure, I knew it and I had to modify them, but the important is the solution for showing only the correct list in function of the selection.

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