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Hello all,

I am building a game with a Level / Stage system, what I want to ask is can it be done when level 1 & 2 is finished then when the user wants to play level 3 he has to buy level 3, or it can be said as buying items on google playstore

Thank you

Congrats! You just invented In App Purchases! :grin: Just kidding!
You can do whatever you want in your app as long as it is legal, it’s up to you.

:astonished: :smile: sorry … Is what I’m asking about illegal?
I only try something that can be more valuable when we are able to try to make something new and in my mind it flashed that whether we might be able to make an item / stage purchase on the application that we made, after I searched on this forum only purchases in terminating ads


no its not illegal,

it means you can do anything which is legal, and you can use in app purchases in your app,

thank you for the explanation, I’m always happy with your statement which often helps me in working on my project.
but here I am having trouble about how to make an in-app purchase.

I attach a description of the application
and how to make Logic When I press the NEXT Button to proceed to the next level he makes purchases in the application?

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this is an aia of in app purchases, maybe this can help to understand

Help.aia (4.8 KB)
in case if that aia is invalid
inapppurchase2.aia (4.8 KB)

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Okay thank you, I’ll study first

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