[Help] Google Play Developer account has been terminated

what kind of documentation should I attach,
even though the web is my own.
Please help

  • Sorry my English

You should ask this in the correct community.

please help my question

Like it says, show you are the owner of the domain. If you only make a webview app it will also be not allowed by google.

please give an example of how to show that I own the domain,
because I sent it yesterday but it’s still being rejected.

Thank you

You got your mail when you purchased your domain. Or a bill you pay every year.


You can add your property at Google Search Console by changing DNS settings of your domain.

You had your first App suspension in 2018; that alone should tell you not to build a webview App or not develop same kind of app Again. Google wants Apps with original content and enhanced user navigation. Maybe the problem is not even only with the website you mock in the App but also with the content you display on your website; are they original content and are they your personal write-ups or they are copyright materials. if they are not your content, then you should contact those material owners and see if you can get approval not verbal but valid documentation. Honestly i think 2018 gave you enough to Avoid this problem but you ignored it.


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