Help: how to make a list of buttons?

Hi to all.

I have 96 buttons and created a list with them.
My problem is, need to add others 100 more buttons.
Someone knows the way how to reduce the blocks ?
I try build a txt file with this list, but it do’nt work.

Here my blocks

Thanks in advance.

Why on earth do you have over 195 buttons??! Is there a way to reduce them?


I’m working on app for android tv box for play live channels.
I have a list with over 200 live channels

With this many buttons I would probably look at a html/javascript solution using Webviewstring.

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Thanks so much for you help !!!
I can’t do that in html, not to programme it.

With webviewstring I think you can

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Thanks again Ken !!! but only basic html code i know.

Instead of using buttons, use list view and trigger button click event when list item selected.

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You can use Dynamic Button in Dynamic Components, and use like this


Thanks so much to The_K_Studio and Ricky-Wibowo for your help.

For Ricky-Wibowo i can’t used Dynamic Components.
I did not mention it earlier I have 96 cardview with 96 buttons inside. When the focus is on the button I change the background of the cardview to show where the cursor is. For that reason i can’t use Dynamic Components.

My app is for untouch screen, only with remote control.

Take a look the picture. My app looks alike to youtube or netflix app for smart tv.

I did the same, maybe it will help you or direct …

or … if you filled the buttons with pictures, then you mark the button simple animation…