Help! I cannot update new records with this error

I am changing the code to the new version, and the API level is 19+

I need help, how can i fix this error?

Have you changed the version code and version name of your app?

I just changed the version code

You need to change the version name also or lese error will come. Because if you will not change version name it will detect your new apk as old one. And to upload an update you need to change both.

Try again after changing version name.

I changed both, but the error still occurred

Ok, now send screenshots of error message!

I didn’t ask for this. See there is written view error message. Click it and then send screenshot of it…

sc2 sc3

What was your previous version name and version code? And what you have put in the new apk?
And have you changed minimum android version?

The previous version code was 20032020, and I gave the animation lottie component, a .json file

I asked the old version name also. And new version code and name!

version code 20032020 and version name 1.0.1

You are confusing me. Please write clearly what was the old version code and name. And the new version code and name!

old version code 20032020 and old version name 1.0.1


See your new version code is smaller than the old version code. 05042020 < 20032020
Increase the new version code value and try again.

I’ll recommend you keep version code and name as small as possible. But as you have uploaded app. You can’t make it small. But you can keep your new version name as 1.0.2

ok thank you

It worked now? :sunglasses:

Yes, I successfully updated the version and waited for Google to approve it

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