Help - I got an error when creating dot in banner using the Dot Indicator extension

I use the DotsIndicator extension to create dots below the banner like no, please or have me a solution

What I infer from this is that you can only create one dots set in one component.
You are trying to create 5 dots sets in a single arrangement.
Most likely your logic is wrong and needs to be corrected.

Maybe @Sumit1334 can help.

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Surely I will help bcos its my extension

The problem is in your blocks
You are using loop for creating its showing clearly that you can use one component to create dots one time put the create dots outside the for each number loop

And also you dont need to give the subtracted index in Set Index block just give index you want to set. no need to subtract 1 from it

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I tried the Dotsview extension and it works flawlessly and your extension has this error

Can you add blocks and methods that work like this?

What are you trying to say by saying this

That extension works on different logic

Have you tried that

Your issue is very simple just you are not understanding how to use it

Put the Create Dot block outside for each no. loop and the total length to the length parameter
Like this

I was as far as you said

Hmm But just one step

Do this more

and it does not create dots

Why not posted the blocks

I created another monitor and tried it it works for you to fix the color to whatever color you want
-1 is white, so you can’t see the dots


I tried that before you even said it

Let me try that
Till then please post a screenshot of your designer section

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@noolechi I think you are doing something wrong bcos I have tried my own and the extension is working very fine

blocks - 2021-04-02T133551.905

Companion Screen


Please pm your aia file so I can find your issue