Help: I need help with the clock component

I’m trying to do the following using the clock component:

  1. Screen initialized
  2. the timer is activited for 5 seconds (showing loading)
  3. then the web page appears after the 5 seconds

I would appreciate your help on this.

drag clock component
untick clock timers, always fire
set timer value as 5000

when screen init, set clock to timer
show dialog

when clock timer,
set clock timer to false
load the web page

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Its Very Easy. Just Look At The Guide Below.


Clock Properties

  • Time Is In Miliseconds. So 5000 Miliseconds Is Equal To 5 Seconds.

Web Viewer


Here Is The Apk
TestApk.apk (5.1 MB)

And Here Is The AIA
TestApk.aia (1.9 KB)

I Hope This Will Help You :slight_smile:


Very helpful.
Thank you very much

Thanks for your help

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