HELP:: i need youtube thumbnails in my listview with image thumbnails

i need youtube thumbnails in my list view with image thumbnails.
i ll describe who help me on online. and also providing great offer for that. like your AD unit (Admob) in my app for lifetime, and developer name in about section.

About App:
This is a new Multi screen player, no problem where are you in the word, you can play youtube videos with your friends and family with all user have control play pause and change video control check once install app.

Youtube_MultiScreen_Player_1.6.apk (6.6 MB)

you can use googleapis for it

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How please Describe.

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Watch this video :-

and Implement your Logic
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thanks for help

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Hello @KP8158,
If you have the video ID of the YouTube video then you can extract the thumbnail for list view. The URL for YouTube thumbnails is :<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/default.jpg

Example :

Just put this URL in the image block of list view and boom you have thumbnails showing in list view in your app.
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please make a block and send if possible, thanks for help.

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Actually I am not on my PC right now but I have sent you very basic blocks to create list view.
If you want more help contact me personally.

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you can use this block to get the video thumbnail

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At first I called data ( youtube video id list) from airtable
Then I used a card view extension
these are my blocks
Try doing this…


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Thank you so much bro. Thanks alot

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Sorry for that bro I’ll do my best and improve

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great idea

Thanks @KP8158

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