Help I want to pass data to another screen

Hello, good, I want to pass data from one screen to another and it does not pass it to me, I need help

Screen (Inicio) here are the data

Screen (info) ‘‘where i want the data’’


Sorry I’m with the translator I speak Spanish

Your code does not work because you are not using a CSV list. A CSV list (comma-separated-value), as its name suggests, is separated by commas, like this.

"ABC", 123, true, "Hello!", "pizza.png"

This is why the code fails to load the data, although the presence of the error means that the data is indeed, passed. It would be troublesome if you choose to still use a CSV value, because CSV values have to include quotation marks for strings as well. You can directly use a list and pass it to the other screen, like this.

blocks (9)

Then retrieving your data in the other screen:

blocks (10)

Hope this helps.

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Excellent sorry for your time they worked correctly for me.

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