Help in Google sheet database

Hellow everyone , I hope you all are Good . Please help me for this kind error I don’t know what actually it happens.

I used Google sheet as a Database using @AppHelper_Studio extension ( Thanks for that ) I create a Column ( Date ) in sheet and call it .

In Dynamic list I saw full details about GMT TIMING ETC . but I don’t used that .

For example I wrote only 20 may and this it’s giving me you can see full details. What I do?

Go to cell formatting of gsheet and set the date formate as given in the default settings. It is not the app problem, just need to change it in gsheet

Thanku for replying but this is not I don’t know why this I find it If I wrote 20 "may " then it’s coming like this

Mostly sheets will convert dates into their format, actually if we set format in gsheet mean then nk issue.

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