Help me any one

How to multi value get ?

My store block

Please explain what exactly you want. i will help you.

search it on YouTube there are many videos on it

bro what exactly he meant to say

he want to add many users email and name and number and password of his app in firebase database

yes its very easy
@GobhiVines is right you should search on youtube
and from now explain your question to get more chances of getting help

i want indivisual user somthing request in involve one device id under many tag and many value…then that i want to get info for all can ? @anuragtekam0

You meant you want to create a profile or something like that right
When a user visits a profile then the whole information must show on the users device right
thats what you want or

You want to register someone to your database with many tags

Explain this i got you a little

no i want a user post or request fot blood…include info (location,name, etc.) all things are under user id …that info get all user when users open apps he/she see that info in home feed.