Help Me Anyone Plz Im Not Getting Proper Index

How To Get First List Like Im Stored 6 Different Dates With Index And Im Like To Do 6 Stored Dates Get From First Position With Index Or 6 Stored Dates Get Same Thing…

While saving time don’t use index number . Now here you can use split text at - and use proper index number to get correct data

Plz Show Me Example

Im Saving Index Beacause I’ll Get Only Unique Lists With Index Number

Example : 02/07/2022 Has 6 Lists Aur 03/07/2005 Has 6 Lists I’ll Get Only First Position Of 02/07/2022 With Index And 03/07/2005 Also Get First Position With Index

Plz Help Me To Create A Way To Get This Method

Use split the text at -

Give space&-&space, then use index 1/2/4/5/6
In select list item list

No S i r You Are Not Getting Properly

See Here Example :

Only I Like To Get First Position Of Apple With Index From Lists And Also Mango Get First Position Only With Index Another Duplicate Will Remove It

I Hope You Understand.

Plz Something To Do To Create This Logic… :face_with_head_bandage: :sneezing_face:

Ok S i r

Can You Help Me S i r

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This is a forum,not a Chat! So please be patient till someone is willing to help you. Also you can always edit your post. So you don’t have to put one Post after another.

They’ve been spamming their other topic as well with post after post begging for help.

(I have ShowListsAsJson ticked)

This returns a list of the fruits. You can then use the For Each Number block to select a specific fruit from their index

I Want Only Unique Fruit Name No Others Duplicate Will Add Or I Want Fruit Name With Index Which Im Given Manually Like I’m Trying To Get First Position Of List

Example : (Apple - 1 Apple - 2 Apple - 3 Mango - 4 Mango - 5 Mango - 6)
I Want Only (Apple - 1 Or Mango - 4) Others Duplicate Will Not Get

I Hope You Understand Plz Help Me :pleading_face:

As I said, just use the indexes to return your required fruit


Using for each item will return the first instance of a fruit if you are looking to search for it:

Superb Solution S i r Thank You So Much :heart_eyes: :gift_heart:

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