Help me calculate a percentage in my app

Hello person, I’m from Brazil and I’m creating an app for a hair salon, could someone help me how can I calculate the percentage of a service done

Welcone .
With math.

Example :
10 off one price Price * 0.90…
20 percent increase Price * 1.20

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(Given quantity/total amount)× 100 = P


Percentage of one thing in relation to the total
(Qty of Service Done / Total Quantity of Services) * 100


If you want to add percentage in amount then multiply by 1.any number.
Eg for 10 percent its 1.10 for 58 its 1.58 and for 2 its 1.02 and so on for any number.
If you want to get additional value of amount via percentage then multiply by 0.any number it only gives that percent

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