Help me design the UI

Is there anyone who can help me duplicate the UI from the reference app below:

I am pretty sure on implementing the logic but lacks in the UI design skills.

What you have tried post first

Which part/ui you want to create

Okay so her is what i have done so far.

  1. I have managed to create Sign Up Screen.
  2. I have the Login Screen.
  3. I have the profile Screen.

Here is the working logic, the user will be able to create orders for their laundry cleaning. I am not able to figure out how to show multiple orders which they have placed and their status because they can be having different count like some user will have 3 other might have 5 so how to manage creating those many dynamic components.

For example here is the screen. I have highlighted the problem area in Red.

Anyone got any suggestion or guide to follow.

Use listView.

I have question on List View is, how i will set so much of text within. Like Order Number, Date, Amount, Status.

List view should be single string right?

You can use custom design listview

Okay any reference to follow?