Help me, I got "Upload failed" when update my app using AAB format in playstore

I uploaded my app by AAB format and it got " Upload failed. To upload an Android App Bundle you must be enrolled in App Signing by Google Play."
when I tried upload by APK format, there was not a problem uploading.

this is screenshot when I uploaded my app using AAB format


Try clicking on Let Google manage and protect your app signing key and enable it

which one should I choose ?

A. Export and upload a key from a Java keystore

B. Export and upload a key (not using a Java keystore)

Ok. Open the page with the new Beta Console

I got the same issue.

Send an screenshoot

Click on opt-in

same like i said, it ask upload keystore, which one should i choose?

It’s strange… Are you the admin of the dev account?

yes, i am admin

So, contact Google Play. You have to have an option of let Google decide the key… I don’t know why isn’t shown for you…

Chat support is currently not available. :neutral_face:

Wait some minutes and try it again

they said i must upload the keystore.
but how to convert kodular keystore to jks format.
do you know how do that?

No… I don’t know it sorry :cry:

i got the solution.
from this video : [SOLVED] How to upload and sign your app with google for unity games 64-bit (.aab) - YouTube

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Can you explain how to fix it?

he is using classic version play console

follow intruction in the video that i gave above.