Help me making chat app

I have till tried 6 projects and it works completely but I want to add some features as I mentioned

I will reused the project of a youtuber​:sweat_smile: but it doesn’t support gif, voice message, video sharing options

And what have you tried ?What you’ve problems in? no one will give you a premade aia.

This would be useful:

Try this:

Also see here:


Thanks for these but what about voice sharing​:thinking:

This app is not working properly :pensive:

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This project have this option :wink:

But it doesn’t works perfectly
It has some problems

Any way, the idea is simple:
1- Use sound recoder component for recording.
2- Upload the recorded file to firebase storage/ your server/ cloudinary
3- You get the download link, now store it in a db : firebase, mySql, airtable
4- Finally when you need any of the users to play this voice , just get the link from your db, and set the player source ( or any sound player extension ) to the link of your sound file.
5- That’s it!

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I know but whenever I start doing it I am confused :sweat_smile:

What are you confused with? start trying when you’ve doubt or got an error, you can ask here in the community :slightly_smiling_face:

I am asking here for different components as I asked today also

Didn’t understand you ?

I mean that I am asking for free and without bugs extensions and components but no one is answering

As i said , here is what you need:

Ok thanks

So can you provide me a aia file​:sweat_smile: please :pray:

Unfortunately, i don’t have an aia file, you need to make it your self :wink: I don’t think the concept is hard.And as i said, if you got a problem feel free, to search and ask here in the community,

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Ok thanks :blush:

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Seriously, do all the work yourself instead…


What do you mean?

You can still use the aia file to look for how the voice method was implemented.