Help me please i am getting this error when clicking in any component

Have you tried something?

  • Reloading Creator?
  • Clearing cache of the browser and reopen it?
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Yes i already tried but not working

On which server:
Public or Beta?

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Its public

For me, It’s working fine.
You can try something:

  • Check if this is happening on all projects
  • Try changing the browser if same happens or not

No this is only occurring in one project only other are working fine

Can you post this AIA or send in PM so I can check?

@himalayanxtiger, I think your problem has fixed now.
So post the solution in this topic so it can be useful for others.
This fixed your problem:

I copied Screen1.bky & Screen1.scm from another project and in this project and its working now but i dont want screen1

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