Help me to complete my app which is usefull for developers like us!

Hi, all developers.

I am developing an app which will be helpful for the developers for managing their developed apps after it has developed or to maintain their developed applications. It’s like an admin app for their developed applications.

This app really helps you lot.

Description about this app:

  1. This app can search for your users, can edit and can delete the user.
  2. You can send notifications to your users, either to a single user or to all the users.
  3. An approval system. Users can see the information until you confirm it.
  4. planning to do total analytics of your apps (if possible).
  5. Suggest me if you want anything more definitely i will try to implement.

So to complete my app I want some information from you all. Please fill this survey to help me.

Genuine answers please :blush:

1. What databases you use for your apps?

  • firebase
  • airtable
  • cloudinary
  • Tiny webdb
  • Tinydb

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2. How do you send notifications to your users?

  • Push notification by onesignal
  • Notification

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3. Do you use firebase userid as a tag?

  • Yes
  • No

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4. Do you search for the users details in an admin app?

  • Yes
  • No

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5. Do you use approval system ?

To know more about approval system see here

  • Yes
  • No

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If I leave anything please comment below.

Regards, shiva developer.

User id registration we need to user Email OTP verification system…

Sorry I am getting you explain me in detail

Then you have to explain better what this app does. Looking at the questions your app will be very limited and just for a certain type of app.

sure sir . I will edit it and add more description about app