Help Me To Create A Video Playing Option Like Youtube

PleaseHelp me koders I want to create a app similsr to youtube so i need some help
i want to know is there any option to play videos like youtube which is stored in database
i want an option to make the users upload the video like YT
can make ui like YT and store such a large database in firebase

Thanks in Advance

Yes you can do this.

Yes you can do this by connecting your app with cloudinary.

Yes you can do this but firebase is limited after that you need to pay them.

If you are a beginner than this type of app is quite difficult for you to make this app.

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Dynamic YouTube Video Player App - Get Thumbnail from YouTube Video in Kodular

Watch this video ##Quick Startapps


@hadi i want a option which plays video like sliding option(miniplayer)

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can you please give similar examples like this above video(@razubd250)

Oh yes you can also do that

Extension link [paid] by Deep Host

Sliding Panel Layout Extension

Download -

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I already have this extension you can use this with youtube player also.

@saisudanv2005 Video and aia here
Youtube APP AIA FILE FREE 2019

Aia File Link -

sir can you help me to
save data on a gmail adress
ex:to save my score in the registered gmail id as like google play games

How to Store Data in Firebase | How to Get Data From Firebase in Thunkable/ Kodular …
YouTube · Riyan Talks follow this block.

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no sir i know how to store in firebase
in firebase i want to store data in a specific gmail ID

use project bucket for storing data in nodes, but for bucket its cant accept email like @ or . , so try to store project bucket as username without @ or ,.- ,

thanks everybody for helping


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