Help Me To Fix My Issue Im Creating Dynamic History

Hello Friends I Need Your Help Im Creating Dynamic Lists Which Belongs History And Im Going To Find History With The Date Picker But One Problem Issuing In My Projects When Im Select Date It Was Showing A Particular Date Lists Means Only Showing One Lists But In My Data Same 3 Dates Available Plz Help Me.

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Try to use instead of each item in list , for each number in list from 1 to lenght of list by 1

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Like This

Plz See This Im Selecting Date 01/03/2022 But Its Showing 28/02/2022 Plz Solve This

If you wish post a test aia showing your problem

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Ok One Minute Plz

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ordershistory.aia (1.9 MB)

Check It Plz…

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Try this

ordershistory_1.aia (1.9 MB)

Changes made

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One Minute Plz

Small Bug Coming When Im Click 28/02/2022 Its Showing Perfectly You See But Its Details Not Changing See It S i r

In Data

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Let me check it

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Thanks For Everything Plz Check It God Bless You S i r For Helping Im Beginner In This :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I believe now it works as intended

ordershistory_2.aia (1.9 MB)

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Im Checking Plz Wait And Thanks For Doing This Im Beleive In Your Work You Are Genius.

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Hello S i r I Have One Last Problem Can You See It Plzz…

…and the problem is …?

plz see a new topic plzzz…

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