Help me to get airtable data in a row

I want to get the airtable data in the row like first as title , subtitle , image and views and set index same as this but they are not in specific row please help me ,

Its dosnt give data in same index it always arrange data to different index when you get that in a row, so dont use get row,

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Then Please tell me sir ,how to get data in sorted form.

You can’t get sorted data from raw, always get in Column or get cell ,

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I will send you blocks tonight ,

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Thank you soo much sir :heart_eyes:

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here is my blocks, try these,




Thank you sir but it’s not working for me , can you check it please

where did you get the start value?? you should show it properly .

You can get it when you use open another screen with start value,
In this case 1 will be the start value for screen 2