Help me to improve ui

You didn’t tell me anything to hurt me. We are just exchanging ideas. Do not worry.

I am trying to improve.
The top is a horizontal scrool. I’ll fine-tune the text boxes by putting the label on the outside I will centralize Labels Ok and Cancel.
My God ! Orange! Just kidding… @Alapjeet :+1: :grin:

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I really do not understand

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Looks like play store copy :rofl:

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Ok guys give me 2 days for changes and I will make many color and will poll with an option make new color

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No i made this in keeping in view that I do not copy someone
I only used the things which a common app store has and the users and I want

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Vishwas, so 0 stars? :thinking:

ok ok back to the point, read this

Sorry I did not add the block of rating sorry

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Which is the best color for buttons (not shades) ?

Capture10~2 Capture8 Capture20~2 Capture7 Capture19~2 Capture6 Capture18~2 Capture5 Capture17~2 Capture4 Capture16~2 Capture3 Capture15~2 Capture2 Capture9 Capture14~2 cAPTURE12 Capture1 Capture11 Capture13~2
Which is the best color
Should I make more new color ?

Please reply to the above poll

I got off of Fortnite for this. None of these colors are it. In fact, remove the [green, red, orange, yellow, and blue] from that list. Google uses 4/5 colors I just listed and the others look way to similar to your current one everyone is downing you about.

Your UI looks similar to the Google Play Store (the ratings, the button positions, the actionbar, the layout of app details, and more) and that’s not what you want people to think of. You want to make your design brand specific so you don’t need any logos or icons to tell someone, “this is my brand” or “this is my app…” They should know by design, just like a few years ago without the :makeroid: logo, you could still tell it was :makeroid:. Because of that, Makeroid is stuck in everyones head on this community if you were here before the switch.


Thanks I will try to make something unique

May I help you, first you should pay me $0 then i will try to help you

How can I pay
Ok I know remember I have a idea for you browser app

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You can pay me by saying thanks. What idea you have about my browser app??

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Come in pm

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New UI

I am not satisfied from the title bar I made can someone tell me how can I make it more real
And I am making vertically progress bar from vertically arrangement but I could not make property can anyone guide me with blocks and vertical arrangement properties

Please also tell me if UI is unique and good or not

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I will start my work by this evening

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How to make this I tried with vertical arrangement but not working