Help me to make a admin app connected with firebase for notification sending

in the announcement section, I want to send announcements through firebase. Old announcements also need to show in this section. how can I made this along with its admin app. please help me.

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I can help…
But first you have to show what you have tried @Pankaj_Saha

Please write in English if you can. You did it before. I rejected your posts.

I want to show messages like " Tomorrow will be school closed due to Gandhi Jayanti" in this tab moreover old messages should be present in this tab. How can make blocks or what components should I use for the design?

You can use firebase & Listview…firebase to send message & Listview to show all the messages.

ok i will try this if i got any error then i will reply again.

can you send the aia file

What have you tried to till now show your blocks ?

Store message in firebase with different tag names and use firebase get tag list after that show list through listview component/dynamic label component.

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